Net Neutrality – Cable Providers owning TV Networks?

May 3, 2010 at 2:06 pm (Uncategorized)

As I recently read and commented about on a classmate’s blog, net neutrality has become an increasingly debated issue over the past several years.  The issue goes deeper, however, as mentioned in an article in the NY Times.  Comcast is now looking into obtaining a majority share of NBC Universal, the parent corporation for the NBC television network.  This could cause Comcast, a cable and television provider, to promote the NBC/Comcast channels over those provided by competing networks.  As stated by the Times, Comcast claims it has no intention of doing that, but the idea of Comcast owning a major television network is a touchy subjects, for sure.  Given its troubles with net neutrality in the past, can we really trust Comcast to commit itself to staying neutral when it controls all the power?  I personally think that if this comes to pass, it is only one step closer to us having one major internet/television corporation dominating its lesser competitors.  Comcast has already been buying up other providers, and NBC is one of the largest networks on television.  I don’t know if this merger would be a bad thing, but I’m certainly apprehensive about it.


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