University of Illinois Campus Green Map

April 23, 2010 at 6:45 pm (Uncategorized)

Champaign-Urbana Green Map

The above is a green map I helped create of the U of I campus.  One of the most noticable features is the abundance of bike parking throughout the campus.  Despite being a large university, though, there are not many recycling spots marked.  There are a lot of icons marking places that don’t really matter for a green map, such as places of worship or free speech locations.

The bike parking is most numerous on the Engineering Campus to the north, since it is the furthest from university dorms.  Thus, it’s easy for students to bike there for class, so we need to have a lot of bike parking available.  In contrast, we didn’t list very many icons in the greek housing/six pack area or the north end of the engineering campus (Beckman Quad).  Our map would have been better with improved coverage in those areas.

I looked at three other green maps to see how ours compared.  The maps were of Providence, Easton, and Stevens Point.  A trend I noticed among all three maps was that they all tended to focus on places of business rather than the eco-friendly aspects listed on our map.  Easton also showed a large number of parks in comparison to our map.  I think we could have improved by listing places of business, but not at the expense of removing the information we already have.

I think we have a good map for the purposes of showing where environmentally friendly aspects of campus are located.  However, I think there is more than just shown on our map, and it gives an incomplete view of our campus.  We didn’t list much in the way of bus stops, even though we have one of the best non-metropolitan area transit systems in the country.

    1. ICONS: Which icons are used the most?  Which are used the least?  Which icons are the most important for our map and for the particular place that we are mapping and why?   Out of the icons we selected to use for this project, which are least important and why?   Did we choose too many icons or not enough?
    2. SITES: What parts of campus have more green sites on the map than others or more of a certain type of green site than others?  Why is this?  Are there areas that we missed? – Where?
    3. COMPARISON: Examine three other green maps on the website and compare and contrast them to ours.  How and why are they different or the same?  Any tips for improving ours?

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