iPad Mapping

April 8, 2010 at 7:54 pm (Uncategorized)

The release of the iPad has brought a whole new era in mobile computing.  Apple has jumped ahead of the competition by bringing us touch screen applications on a larger scale than the iPhone, which already holds a commanding share of the market.  However, the smartphone market is shared by strong competition using the Android application series.  One of the most important features to consider in the race to mobile domination is mapping.  Part of the reason the iPhone has been so dominant is that its superior selection of apps includes applications such as Google Maps and Google Earth.  Google controls the mapping industry right now, and the Google Mobile apps are included on Android devices as well.  However, will the iPad have this mapping technology?  According to an article from Information Week, none of the mobile applications developed by Google yet appear to have been optimized for the iPad.  As it is, the iPhone version can be used, but only with a reduced screen size or distorted appearance when expanded to fit the iPad’s larger resolution.

Thus, Apple needed to work on creating its own mapping features or translate the Google app for their new device.  There are already several apps for the iPad that deal with travel and mapping, according to Business Insider.  These apps allow travelers to find points of interest, track flight delays, look at street maps offline, and any number of other useful things.  Ultimately, though, Apple has adapted Google maps as a built-in iPad app.  In a review by CNet, the expansion of the maps app for the iPad screen makes it feel more like a real map, giving a clearer view of the surrounding area to users.  The touch-screen utilizes hand motions to zoom, drop markers, and roll the map back to view information on a location.  It seems that Apple has come out with a maps application that utilizes the full potential of the iPad, providing features that appeal to any consumer, be it the road tripper or daily commuter.


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