Census Data Maps

March 1, 2010 at 8:32 pm (Uncategorized)

In these two maps I show the population by county throughout Illinois, based on the 2006 Census.  This information is important for showing population distribution throughout the state, which can be used to decide where best to build businesses or if a county needs to be redistricted due to too many or not enough residents.

I got my data from US-Places.com, which seemed to be a good source of information, although I suppose it’s not an official government site, so there could be errors.

The first map shows population by absolute numbers, with low pop being more blue, and high pop being more red.  The second map uses the same color scheme, but uses equal interval to show the relative concentration of population compared to other counties, as opposed to absolute.  The first map is great for comparing one county to another and seeing which has more population, since the shading will be different.  The second map, however, is good for showing where the population is most dense.  It is easy to see that the majority of Illinois’ population is in Cook County, since it is the only one to show up red.  This would be useful for political mapping on a national scale, since winning over the Chicago area will generally win the state for a national candidate.


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